Making miles outside a must for successful Retail culture

vrijdag 07 oktober, 2022

Retail academic skills nice, making miles outside essential!

Three years ago, MarketingTribune in the Netherland published this column, and it is still so true. Retail academic skills are nice to have, but making miles outside turns professionals into Retail craftsmen.

Some of my own effective Retail education learnings

  • Internships on the shop floor
  • Follow-up days with the field service
  • Internal Brand onboarding for new colleagues | 4Growth internal branding
  • Visiting new flagship shop formats on a regular base | 4Growth’s ShopSafari
  • Attending live customer and potential target group sessions on the shop floor | 4Growth’s research
  • Sharing digital (social media LinkedIn and Facebook) and live (events) Retail trends and experiences with your network

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