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Wy should you participate in a ShopSafari?

During the ShopSafaris, 4Growth intends to show (retail) professionals in a short notice (one day) some of the latest Retail trends. It’s mainly about watching and discussing the experience with the other Tour participants. The ShopSafaris are informative and fun. 4Growth facilitates backround information about the visiting concepts, so immediately at the beginning of the tour the discussion can start.

I prefere to guide small groups (about 5 participants), in this way we do not disturb the customer journey in the shops. Of course the shops are informed of our visite and often shop assistants like to tell something about “their new shop”.

On this website I will inform you about the program and planning. I also organize all ShopSafaris tailor made, for incompany or networking events. Interesting? Please complete without any obligation this form.

With all your quentions and suggestions please give me a call:
mobile +31 (0)6 30 46 77 20 .

With kind regards,
Inge Oeseburg,

drs. Inge Oeseburg SMP
Advisor and Interim Manager
06 30 46 77 20

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