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Retail Internal Branding

The success of Retail Internal Branding entirely depends on a strong vision and a practical translation of this vision from the top till the bottom of the organization: from the retail marketing director to all store employees. Successfully building a distinctive brand is not an exclusive activity of the marketing formula director and the advertising- or design agency. It is an integrated democratic process involving retail formula management and all the store employees. Every employee should be able to translate the brand (values) to his/her daily work. Retail branding is a cultural change, a change that continuous returns in behaviour and (annual) planning.

Link: Impression of branding projects with ShopSafari’s.

Results of the KARWEI DIY case

An Internal Branding program from headquater to shop floor is very profitable. Shop owners discovered after approximadely a year that investing in Internal Branding program on the shop floor resulted in significant higher returns. The investment paid back in a very short notice!

Results of the COOP Supermarket case

COOP’s Commercial Management Team guided by 4Growth elected their brand values, bases on many existing shopper surveys and their own vision, during a pressure cooker session. In general, retail organizations select about four distinctive and two conditional brand values. For retailers I always recommend to select the brand value PRICE as a preconditioned or distinctive value.

COOP spread their brand values all over the organization. They developed a customized brand value dashboard, to monitor customer satisfaction and trends on real time basis. This monitor delivers critical store performance indicators and positioning matrices used for strategic and annual formula planning.

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