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Retail research

Surveys and interviews with target groups

In all projects of 4Growth, the Retail customer pyramid takes center stage. This means filling primary customers more, elevating other customers to the primary customer position, and turning non-customers into customers. 4Growth has developed unique distinctive products to assist retailers in this process. For over thirteen years, 4Growth has been deploying these products with both large and smaller retailers in the food and non-food sectors. Below is an overview of the toolkit of 4Growth. Nothing is standard; we customize everything based on the client’s research question.


Retail consumer panel

4Growth establishes customer panels, manages them, and provides answers to continuous and ad-hoc research questions at a very competitive price. Retail customer panels are particularly suitable for strengthening the bond between stores and their customers and for establishing and monitoring KPIs. Panel members regularly participate in online activities. These can include satisfaction surveys, as well as pre-testing, product testing, chat sessions, co-creations, communities, quick polls, and integration with social media. The strength of this tool lies in the creativity of feedback towards the panel members and on the shop floor.

Inspirational social media poll (case)


Interviews on location


Concept testing with groups and online surveys 

For concept testing 4Growth uses the live research method of single/duo interviews on location. We deliver insights in text with illustrating pictures. However we often combine the interview results with data panel research. 


Continuous customer satisfaction measuring

Store-Performance-Ruler is a representative research tool for Retail outlets and Retail organizations. To illustrate we know that this research gives a lot of input for a lot of marketing analysis.  As an illustration: local marketing plans, national competitor analyses, positioning analyses, internal and external bench marking. Finally, the Store-Performance-Ruler can also be used for an internal shop competition.


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